Carl Muller

Independent Furniture Designer

Carl Muller is an independent furniture designer based in Seal Beach, California. He has been working with Elite for almost twenty years, with well over 200 designs brought to market. Most of these items are still in production, and many continue to be top sellers.

Muller strives to make every design a fresh statement, combining comfort, elegance, and economy. Although most of his designs embody a pure contemporary sensibility, Muller also interprets historical themes with a modern touch. He is influenced by worldwide trends in design, past and present, while maintaining a keen sensitivity to marketplace realities.

In addition to his sizeable contribution to Elite, Muller also designs for several outdoor and office/contract furniture manufacturers, with award-winning results. Muller received his B.S. in Industrial Design from California state University, Long Beach. Other areas of study included architecture, music, and graphic design.